About The Cygnets of San Antonio

The Cygnets of San Antonio currently consists of athletes ranging from 7-18 years old. The sport competes in various age groups and levels. Most of our swimmers ages 13 and above swim at association, regional, Jr & Sr Zone meets as well as the National Junior Olympics meet each summer. Invitational Meets including those to Hawaii and other countries can make the sport of synchronized swimming a great experience for the athlete and her family.

The younger team completes in association and regional meets mostly in the state of Texas.

To learn a little more about what we do, check out this video recently aired on KSAT News.

We are looking for new swimmers to join our team! Synchronized Swimming requires strength, agility, stamina,grace, and a flair for the dramatic. It is a demanding sport, but one that is incredibly rewarding. It requires dedication, commitment,perseverance, goal setting, and cooperation with others. Go to our contact page for information on classes for girls ages 7-17.